Streamline Package - helps maintain your pipeline, which is vital and contains valuable opportunities.


What's Included:

Pipeline Review:

A contract opportunity tracking system is only as valuable to your business as the opportunities that populate it. It is paramount to proper pipeline maintenance to review your pipeline early and often... 

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Target Agency Deep Dive: 

Even with a manageable pipeline many contractors will still take a “shot-gun” approach to bids and customer engagement, bidding on whatever comes down the line that looks shiny.  If you find yourself adding opportunities to the...

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Competitive Analysis:

Having a clear picture of the competitive landscape and your company’s position in it is paramount to topping the competition. We provide comprehensive competitive assessment services using proven and accessible methodologies to...

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Collaborative Compositions offer the following services, customized to your specific needs and requirements.


  • Evaluating/optimizing identity, marketing across:
    • Current company website.
    • Social media, Digital platforms.
    • Internal messaging.
    • Indirect sales channels.


  • Direct and indirect sales strategy.
  • Brand platform creative development.
  • Direct and indirect messaging.
  • Brand and media communication.
  • Development of marketing assets.


  • Facilitation of customer education
  • Identification & creation of market expansion
  • Networking and creation of relationships
  • Attendance at industry days, conferences
  • Opportunity forecasts.