Our services strategy is to provide business development services, including opportunity identification, proposal submission and opportunity pipeline creation (and everywhere in between).

A growth strategy will target opportunities to grow your businesses.

We help to develop winning bids/proposals to be able to secure new opportunities in government contracts.


We offer project management from inception to completion as well as rescuing projects that have already started and gotten off track (schedule-wise or cost).

Our services were used on a project with a current client.  The project was at risk of essentially never ending, and  did not have sufficient project management to oversee the work.  There was no structure for what was being done, and no schedule for completion.

 Services provided by Collaborative Compositions will help companies bring their technologies to market.

Develop Winning Bids/Proposals

Collaborative Compositions provides consulting services to small and mid-size businesses to find, bid, win, and manage contracts in both the government contracting and commercial sectors.

Our consultants provide clients with a competitive advantage and strategic positioning with stakeholders.  We use knowledge of the evolving policy, program, acquisition, and political arenas that affect agency decision-making.

We understand business and policy issues that drive demand for solutions. Accelerating creation and capture of new business ensures your success throughout contract implementation.  Our consultants integrate seamlessly with client teams to augment business development efforts.

We proactively identify, qualify, and win new business using our deep expertise in federal procurement and federal agency and program operations.  Our extensive network of relationships across government and industry is very valuable.  Our proven marketing and business development skills is extremely helpful as well.

Contract Management


We recognize the importance of contract management throughout the contract lifecycle. Contract management is often seen as an ancillary overhead cost, but it is estimated that companies with poor contract management practices lose 9% of revenues each year.  Without close contract governance businesses stand to lose 40% of a contract’s value.

We help by developing efficient, repeatable, and compliant contract management practices. An automated contract management system may be the most practical solution, and we will then recommend the right software solution for the need.

A reactionary approach to contract management leads to missed revenue opportunities, time waste and inflated costs. Good contract management practices enable higher levels of customer satisfaction.  They reduce the risks of non-compliance and help your organization realize the benefits of negotiated terms with suppliers and customers.

A common misconception is that there are no negotiations of contract terms with government contracts.  Negotiating contract terms and conditions can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to government contracts.  However it is in your company’s best interest to negotiate for mutually beneficial terms.  As knowledgeable contract managers we negotiate the best possible terms for you.  We also ensure they are governed throughout the lifecycle of the contract. 

With our help, your company will become proactive about contract management.

Collaborative Compositions offer the following services, customized to your specific needs and requirements.


  • Evaluating/optimizing identity, marketing across:
    • Current company website.
    • Social media, Digital platforms.
    • Internal messaging.
    • Indirect sales channels.


  • Direct and indirect sales strategy.
  • Brand platform creative development.
  • Direct and indirect messaging.
  • Brand and media communication.
  • Development of marketing assets.


  • Facilitation of customer education
  • Identification & creation of market expansion
  • Networking and creation of relationships
  • Attendance at industry days, conferences
  • Opportunity forecasts.