Relationship Management is an important part of growing and sustaining your government contracting business by creating strong foundations.

Key Questions:

  • How do you keep track of interactions with potential & existing customers?
    • Is it measurable?
  • What is your capacity to track, nurture and grow interactions at various points during the buying process with all the stakeholders involved in any given government contracting opportunity?
  • Do you have a way to coordinate, send, and track, account based marketing campaigns with consistent messaging across email, web, and social?

With the possibility of nine or more decision makers impacting any one government buying decision, it's necessary to have tools in place to nurture and track interactions with those decision makers.

relationship management

We Set Your Growth Foundations By:

  • Performing an inventory of any existing business development infrastructure to determine what is in use and how it's being utilized.
  • Providing tailored recommendations for fundamental tools based on the need and price point.
  • Implementing tools, systems, and processes for effectively managing and nurturing relationships with current and prospect customers.
  • If your organization is more mature and you've got systems in place; we don't ask you to change. We are platform agnostic and will work with your existing infrastructure.

Having the basics in place will make scaling easier and more repeatable as well as drive long term growth.

Are you the Business Development staff along with everything else? Don’t worry! Collaborative Compositions also provides white glove service, suggesting the product, procure and implementing it.  We provide the best practices and instructions for use once it’s up and running.

*A note about CRMs and pricing. Collaborative Compositions is especially sensitive to the budgetary challenges of small businesses. We never recommend implementing a tool that is out of your price range and advise caution when looking at products with high price points.

Our consultants recommend products that are priced to support small businesses and have the ability to scale. We have experience with the expensive tools but we aren't paid to sell them!

Collaborative Compositions offer the following services, customized to your specific needs and requirements.


  • Evaluating/optimizing identity, marketing across:
    • Current company website.
    • Social media, Digital platforms.
    • Internal messaging.
    • Indirect sales channels.


  • Direct and indirect sales strategy.
  • Brand platform creative development.
  • Direct and indirect messaging.
  • Brand and media communication.
  • Development of marketing assets.


  • Facilitation of customer education
  • Identification & creation of market expansion
  • Networking and creation of relationships
  • Attendance at industry days, conferences
  • Opportunity forecasts.