For many small businesses just starting out in government contracting, performing as a subcontractor to existing government contractors (prime contractors) is a highly effective way to gain valuable past performance. While it might seem like common knowledge to some it remains relatively unknown that prime contractors maintain supplier and vendor diversity portals. These portals are often the main point of entry and required for developing working relationships with these large contractors.

Collaborative Compositions maintains excellent working relationships with Prime contractors of all sizes. We not only get you in the door, we get you in front of decision makers and develop allies on your behalf.

Contract Prep & Teaming Development

prime vendorWe regularly work with companies to build teams for contract pursuits. With the increase in government wide acquisitions, having a strong distributed network of capable teaming partners is critical for sustained success. We develop teaming arrangements with the philosophy of bringing value adding small businesses to the table with large and midsize prime and incumbent contractors to develop creative, equitable solutions and build new relationships. 

We build contract/bid specific teams as well assist with integration of new teaming partners onto existing contracts and awarded programs. Incumbents recognize they need to maintain a diverse supply chain of qualified small, mid, and like-size businesses to stay in the lead.

We work across the DoD and public sector to find the right solutions to meet the need. Whether you’re a large prime seeking a specialized small business or a small business looking to build strong ties with industry incumbents we’ve got the lead. 

We make connections and introductions. We can facilitate the conversation and even negotiate teaming agreements to ensure the most mutually beneficial arrangement. As an unbiased third party connector we eliminate any risk of OCI with or between potential teaming members and customers. 

Interested in a different arrangement? There are several programs available that if applied and negotiated correctly are mutually beneficial for all parties involved including the government. We’ve got experience with the Mentor Protégé program, 8(a), and Joint Ventures and can help you navigate the numerous options and opportunities associated with them.

Collaborative Compositions offer the following services, customized to your specific needs and requirements.


  • Evaluating/optimizing identity, marketing across:
    • Current company website.
    • Social media, Digital platforms.
    • Internal messaging.
    • Indirect sales channels.


  • Direct and indirect sales strategy.
  • Brand platform creative development.
  • Direct and indirect messaging.
  • Brand and media communication.
  • Development of marketing assets.


  • Facilitation of customer education
  • Identification & creation of market expansion
  • Networking and creation of relationships
  • Attendance at industry days, conferences
  • Opportunity forecasts.