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It takes a village – a network of trusted advisors and resources – to achieve sustainable growth.  Experienced government contractors know that is the way to succeed in such a complex and bureaucratic market in order to:

  • Simplify the complex regulatory and compliance processes.
  • Identify key stakeholders in new growth markets.
  • Overcome any of the commonly experienced hurdles.

We are proud of  and grateful to our trustworthy network of resources in the government space to help you establish your GovCon village.

Building a village of resources and advocates should be a priority. The take a village approach contributes to organizational social capital, a measure that studies have shown matters to an organization’s performance.

Steep Learning Curve:

Government contracting has a steep learning curve and long contracting cycles. As companies transition and grow out of the available free resources, such as the APEX accelerators and SBA, they begin to require new skill sets and further education which necessitates a more mature village to support them. In a market like government contracting, social capital is all the more important for developing this supporting infrastructure.

Legal, financial, compliance, business development, strategy advisors, and marketing experts are just a few of the resources that businesses might find they need in their village along the path to growth. Along the way, the size and composition of these villages ebb and flow with the stages of growth, but these resources regardless of specialty, cost, or size, all have something in common, trust.

Collaborative Compositions:

Building trust takes time and as service providers, Collaborative Compositions recognizes the value of reducing the time it takes for small businesses to build their resource village by sharing ours with companies at every phase of corporate development. We know we can’t do it all, but we can reduce the time and cost associated with going it alone by providing access to our village.

Contact Chelsea Meggitt, CEO Collaborative Compositions, for more information for this and other resources and services we provide to help you win government contracts.

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