Market Invention & DoD Contracting

About Merit

Merit is a market invention agency.  More than a traditional brand development agency, Merit maintains a focus on achieving category leadership for its clients regardless of their current size. Business strategy drives everything at Merit. These are the folks who put strategic intent above all else and in doing so help shape the future. As defined by Merit:  Market invention is a paradigm shift that rejects industry standards in favor of a bold, new vision. Merit is driving that shift to shape a bold new future with its clients.

DIB Tech Talk Episode:

Have you ever wondered what the future of defense contracting holds? What about how you can help shape the future of the defense industry?

This video features Market Invention expert Adam Vasquez talking about shaping the future of defense contracting. Adam is an expert at redefining markets to shape the future. This conversation focuses on the trends shaping the future of the defense industry.


About Collaborative Compositions:

We provide business development consulting services for the federal sector.