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Increasing Obligations to a Shrinking DIB

By Chelsea Meggitt | Nov 14, 2021

Curiously, the Department of Defense’s contract obligations to small businesses grew from FY2011-2020 but the number of small businesses in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Shrunk by nearly half. In…

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Government Use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA) in 2022

By Chelsea Meggitt | Nov 2, 2021

A growing buzz term in Government Contracting over the past several years has been Other Transaction Authority (OTA) or Other Transaction (OT). Chances are if you work in the government…

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Government Contracts in 2021 – What’s Ahead?

By Chelsea Meggitt | Oct 24, 2021
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Government Contracts in 2021 are much more favorable to new vendors, now is the time to expand your business in this sector. The Government Spent More During the Pandemic Than…

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