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Government Contracting Seasons

By Chelsea Meggitt | Sep 20, 2023
government contracting seasons

Just like the changing seasons in nature, federal buying cycles have distinct government contracting seasons that contractors should know.  Being aware of this seasonality allows contractors to be better prepared for any weather and avoid being left out in the cold.

At Collaborative Compositions we love fall. Not just for the corn mazes, the pumpkin patches, or the warm apple cider. We love the colors of changing foliage (which you can scope out nationally here thanks to our friends at because it reminds us of the changing seasons of government contracting. Perennial contractors recognize the signs of the changing government contracting seasons but what about new market entrants? Those who are unfamiliar with the nuanced dependencies of the government buying cycles are likely to be surprised by the seasonality of the federal market. To avoid getting lost in the corn mazes of contracting, contractors must do more than shift to pumpkin spice and sweaters. Successful government contractors must come to truly understand the federal buying seasons.

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Planning Programming Budgeting Execution (PPBE) Process

By Chelsea Meggitt | Aug 31, 2023

It’s that time of year again; we’re talking about the federal budget. Ensuring our armed forces are ready and modernized requires a hefty and well-allocated budget, which makes the ongoing challenges posed by the Planning Programming Budgeting Execution (PPBE) process to Department of Defense (DoD) critical to address.

The PPBE process acts as the DoD’s internal process for allocating resources. It results in the Defense budget request, which is included in the President’s Budget (PB) that is submitted to Congress. The PB is submitted generally by the first Monday February for use during the next fiscal year which starts October 1 of that calendar year…

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Government Contracting Goldilocks Equation

By Chelsea Meggitt | Jul 14, 2023
Government Contracting Goldilocks Equation

Goldilocks Government Contracting Equation (GGCE) helps companies find a balanced fit in terms of agencies, partnerships, and contract access to effectively compete for and execute government contracts, without being overwhelmed or overlooked. By looking at these factors during the 4th Quarter instead of chasing everything that pops up, small and new government contractors can set themselves up for success in the next fiscal year that starts in October.

For a quick refresher, the famous children’s story Goldilocks tells a tale of a young girl who ventured into three bears house and sampled their porridge, chairs, and beds until she found the ones that were “just right”; for her. Recall, the bears had options that were too hot, too cold and just right, too hard, too soft, and just right, and too big, too small, and just right.

Government contracting can be a lucrative and rewarding avenue for businesses of all sizes…

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By Chelsea Meggitt | Jun 13, 2023

TeamingPro is a Free B2B Networking platform where businesses market their offerings, connect with new companies & grow. They help companies identify teaming partners and opportunities to expand their footprint via collaboration and provide an easy way to express interest in collaborating with other firms.

They support companies of all sizes in both government and commercial markets and have a valuable resource base of service providers on hand to refer for other assistance.

As a member of the Collab, TeamingPro …

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When You Get Your 8(a) Matters!

By Chelsea Meggitt | Apr 21, 2023
SBA 8(a) Small Business Program

When a small business decides to participate in the SBA 8(a) program matters….. Upon entering the government contracting market, the runway for receiving the first award is in the range…

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Trouble With Procurement Site

By Chelsea Meggitt | Mar 27, 2023

Following article appeared in Bloomberg Government  March 23, 2023

From SAM to SCAM? Trouble with Procurement Site
Author:  Chelsea Meggitt

The alert read, “March 8th Emails Not Malicious.” Chelsea Meggitt talks about the strange emails that went to contractors from the government contracting web site in the most recent saga of technology woes.

The latest hit to the troubled, or System for Award Management (SAM) Government Point of Entry (GPE), came when masses of users recently received suspicious emails that appeared to be phishing attempts from that email address.

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It’s Better Together With Joint Ventures

By Chelsea Meggitt | Nov 23, 2022
joint ventures

The following article appeared in Bloomberg Government November 4, 2022, Author Chelsea Meggitt

There’s a better way for small business to win big government contract money.  Chelsea Meggitt talks about joint ventures, a trending type that small contractors are using to size up the large competition.

Who is the prime, you ask?

“We are” is an increasingly common answer. It might confuse some who are versed in other well-known types of “Contractor Teaming Agreements” (CTAs) such as the prime contractor/subcontractor structure.

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Government Marketing Best Practices

By Chelsea Meggitt | Nov 4, 2022
Government Marketing Best Practices

Government Marketing Best Practices 2.0:  What You Need to Know for Accelerated Success – Kindle Edition

I am pleased to announce the release of Government Marketing Best Practices 2.0 –  What You Need to Know for Accelerated Success.
Click here to view on Amazon Kindle.

I am proud to have a chapter in this book,  Creating Buzz and Building Relationships Through Events: Chelsea Meggitt

– Chelsea Meggitt –

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Small Businesses Are a Big Deal

By Chelsea Meggitt | Oct 6, 2022
small businesses

Spilling the Tea on GovCon:

Podcast Teresa Moon – With Guest Chelsea Meggitt , CEO of Collaborative Compositions


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Chelsea Meggitt Govmates Podcast

By Chelsea Meggitt | Sep 19, 2022
chelsea meggitt govmates

Chelsea Meggitt Govmates member discusses how to acquire government contracts in this podcast.

Govmates, a technology scouting platform, provides amazing new resources and relationship development opportunities.  They merge the best practices of technology as well as the human element to promote non-traditional defense contractors within the federal community.

Govmates has assisted with more than 30,000 matches from their system of more than 4,500 government contractors.  They are experts in creating valuable relationships within the federal sector.

Chelsea Meggitt Govmates Podcast:

For more information and assistance in acquiring government contract, contact Chelsea Meggitt, Collaborative Compositions

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Prime Contractors – Move From Sub to Prime Contracting

By Chelsea Meggitt | Sep 13, 2022
prime contractors

Following article appeared in Bloomberg Government  September 8, 2022

Jumping the Line from Sub to Prime Contracting: Chelsea Meggitt

Working with the federal government has a pecking order. Recent changes from Congress have made it slightly easier for small businesses to move up the chain, but there are still several factors that contractors must consider before attempting to make the leap.

Prime contractors, those that work directly with the government, hold the most power. They have privity of communications with the government customer, they receive credit and past performance ratings directly from the government customer, and they hold the contract with the government.

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Prime Federal Contractors

By Chelsea Meggitt | Aug 4, 2022
prime federal contractors

Following article appeared in Bloomberg Government  July 14, 2022

Maximize Your Bid Options With Small Businesses: Chelsea Meggitt

Procurement officers for weapons systems have far fewer choices now than they did 20 years ago. Chelsea Meggitt explains how prime federal contractors can serve their customers better by pairing up with nimble small businesses.

Variety is the spice of life, right? Whether it’s the cut and cook of steak or having more than one choice of dessert, people like having options.

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SOFIC 2022 First Thoughts

By Chelsea Meggitt | May 26, 2022

 #sofic2022 saw the largest in-person attendance ever at approximately 16,000 attendees in Tampa. The theme “Campaigning with partners for integrated deterrence” was very clearly demonstrated with strong representation from international…

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Market Invention & DoD Contracting

By Chelsea Meggitt | Mar 28, 2022

About Merit Merit is a market invention agency.  More than a traditional brand development agency, Merit maintains a focus on achieving category leadership for its clients regardless of their current…

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Ensuring High ROI on Conference Attendance

By Chelsea Meggitt | Mar 6, 2022
chelsea meggitt govmates

Conferences, industry days, forums, and other face-to-face activities have long been corporate marketing plan staples in every industry. These events can create an environment that brings together prospects and existing…

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Govmates – Government Matchmaking

By Chelsea Meggitt | Feb 8, 2022

About Govmates:

This video features Govmates matchmakers as well as co-founders Stephanie Alexander and Katie Bilek, and they talk about meeting your perfect match in government contracting. 

Govmates has assisted with more than 30,000 matches from their system of more than 4,500 government contractors.  They are experts in creating valuable relationships within the federal sector.

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Democratizing Deep Tech to Drive Defense Innovation

By Chelsea Meggitt | Jan 24, 2022

Have you ever wondered how the defense innovation ecosystem works with venture capital and the everyday entrepreneur to drive the commercialization of defense and dual-use technologies? In this DIB Tech…

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Copy of Government Use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA) in 2022

By Chelsea Meggitt | Jan 21, 2022

A growing buzz term in Government Contracting over the past several years has been Other Transaction Authority (OTA) or Other Transaction (OT). Chances are if you work in the government…

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A Biden Small Business Christmas

By Chelsea Meggitt | Dec 6, 2021

  On Thursday December 2, 2021, Small businesses considering entering and already in the federal market got an early Christmas present from the Biden Administration. There has arguably never been…

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Increasing Obligations to a Shrinking DIB

By Chelsea Meggitt | Nov 14, 2021

Curiously, the Department of Defense’s contract obligations to small businesses grew from FY2011-2020 but the number of small businesses in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Shrunk by nearly half. In…

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